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· Hamnett Kirkes Pinhey: A Man of Property
· Walling’s 1863 Map of Carleton County
· Necessary Business: 19th Century Hygiene at Horaceville
· Mrs. Pinhey’s Kitchen
· Shining a Light on the Past
Below are links to peruse some of our previous exhibits and a 68-slide presentation of Milestones at Pinhey's Point, capturing highlights at the site since 1980.
Each year new exhibitions are prepared by the Pinhey's Point Foundation to complement public programming by City of Ottawa heritage staff. Throughout the house, visitors can browse period room settings and featured displays to learn about the Pinhey family and property, their gentry neighbours and the history of March Township. Artifacts and images are drawn from the Foundation's collections and elsewhere.

The Foundation is grateful to the City of Ottawa for financial support and translation services in the preparation of exhibits for Horaceville.
Summer on the River: Camping and boating at Pinhey's Point a century ago
Photographs reproduced from the E.L. Brittain family albums in the archives of the Canadian Museum of History depict the lazy days of summer at Horaceville at the turn of the last century.  The park at Pinhey’s Point Historic Site continues to be a perfect setting for a picnic.  Exhibit opens May 8th for the summer.  Treat your Mom to a day on the river!

Discover family heirlooms throughout the house from a recent donation by a great-great granddaughter of Hamnett Kirkes Pinhey. Learn about life on the farm at Horaceville from her recollections of a visit here as a child. Come view two newly donated and splendidly-restored paintings by Pinhey grandson, the artist John Charles Pinhey, RCA (1860-1912). Exhibit opens May 8th for the summer.
(Yachts moored at Pinhey’s Point, 1905. Pinhey’s Point Foundation)
A Treasured Past
(Untitled [Amalia Pinhey] by John Charles Pinhey, oil on canvas. Pinhey's Point Foundation, Gift of Juanita Snelgrove)
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